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The personal fascination for motor sports and the passion for graphics and painting find their own unique expression at JMD helmet design. We're excited to see your ideas and individual wishes.

Things to have in mind when requesting a design?


The prices for our helmet paint jobs are as individual as the designs are themselves and it is therefore difficult to generalise. Painting a helmet is however a complex, hand-crafted process and it is not uncommon that the total processing time from planning until the helmet is finished can cover several days per helmet. Even simple designs can often exceed the cost of the helmet itself, but if you can describe the design according to your wishes we will very quickly send you a rough estimate of the costs via e-mail. Maybe you can get some inspiration for your helmet from our helmet gallery. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Production time to expect?


This chart shows the distribution of delivery times over the course of a year. The increase in February arises through preparation for the new race season. The values are an average taken from the last few years and should help you to take peaks in demand into consideration when planning your schedule. To ensure that your helmet is ready in good time for the next season, we advise you to arrange a specific date for the next year in late autumn. At this stage it is not important to know which sort of helmet or which design will be painted. Your reservation is not binding as long as we haven’t started work on your design. Alternatively, you could take advantage of the short waiting period at the end of the season.

Personal information

Helmet design information

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Important questions while planning your helmet design:
1. Which colors do you like? (Please upload sample colors as images)
2. What overall style do you like? (Please upload sample images)
3. Do you wish specific logos or font style as part of your design? (Please share your logo or fonts as images)
4. Do you wish your name on your helmet? (Please share an example as image)
5. Do you have any additional wishes or ideas you would love to make part of your helmet design?(Feel free to upload own drawings or sketches)
Attachments (sketches, Logos, etc.):